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Create bold expressions with Sharpie Permanent Markers. This set of 12 black permanent markers is ideal for making lasting marks that stand out on nearly any surface. Featuring a durable fine point, the Sharpie markers allow you to draw precise, enduring lines. The quick-drying ink is both smear and fade resistant. Express yourself with Sharpie markers.

Sharpie Original Permanent Markers

Uncap the Creativity

When it comes to self-expression, nothing beats a Sharpie. Introduced in 1964, the world’s first pen-style permanent marker made its indelible mark on the world. Suddenly, paper wasn’t the only surface with a voice: Glass, wood, stone, plastic and metal all became a canvas. And that was just the beginning. Today, each new color and style sparks ideas, inspires creativity and makes life more fun for humans everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Grab a Sharpie and uncap your imagination.

Create a lasting impression

Complete clerical or home organization tasks with the tried-and-true Sharpie Original Permanent Marker—the industry standard in bold, permanent markers. The quick-drying, waterproof ink comes in a diverse variety of vibrant colors to add a touch of creativity and style to your projects, and the durable fine, ultra-fine or extra-fine tip produces sharp, legible letters, numbers and doodles.

  • Waterproof, quick-drying ink writes on glass, wood, metal, photos, plastic or cellophane

  • Available with a fine tip, ultra-fine tip or extra-fine tip

  • Available in up to 30 bold colors

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Get Inspired with Sharpie

Express yourself

Grab your favorite Sharpie colors, tip sizes and styles, so you can decorate your stuff with the drawings, doodles and bold statements that inspire you!

Bold and vibrant

Make a lasting impression with ink that is waterproof, smear-proof and fade-resistant. Choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors that stand out no matter what you’re using as a canvas.

The world is your canvas

Write or draw on whatever surface you choose. Sharpie markers are permanent on most hard-to-mark surfaces, so you’re not restricted to the blank page. Get creative.

For life on the go

Don’t wait around for the ink to dry—go live your life! These permanent markers are known for their quick-drying properties, so you don’t have to worry about smudging or smearing.

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Sharpie Marker Family

Metallic Permanent Marker

Make your work shine with the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker. The specially formulated, opaque, permanent ink leaves a brilliant sheen on both light and dark surfaces. Plus, the durable tip and quick-drying ink make creativity easy. Choose your favorite color—bronze, gold or silver—and get inspired.

Original Permanent Marker

The Sharpie Original Permanent Marker delivers precise lettering and numbering via a fine, ultra-fine or extra-fine tip for clerical purposes and labeling. Waterproof, permanent ink writes on most surfaces, including wood and glass, so you can complete organization tasks anywhere, any time.

Twin Tip Permanent Marker

Choose the writing tip that meets your needs with the Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Marker. The fine tip on one end enables precise lettering, while the ultra-fine tip on the other end is perfect for making extremely narrow lines in tight spaces. Nontoxic, quick-drying ink resists smudging and fading, so labels and letters create a lasting impact.

Retractable Permanent Marker

Easy one-handed operation is a click away with the Sharpie Retractable Permanent Marker, which features a capless design and a Safety Seal valve to keep ink from drying out. The durable fine tip releases quick-drying ink that writes on most surfaces for precise, permanent text.

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Stainless Steel Permanent Marker

Luxury and durability—all rolled into one smart Sharpie. Featuring a stainless steel barrel design and refillable ink cartridge, the stainless steel Sharpie achieves thinner, detailed lines on almost any surface with its flexible fine-point tip. Made to last through years of use, this Sharpie is ideal for all your work, art and marking needs.

Brush-Tip Permanent Marker

With a larger, more flexible tip, the Sharpie Brush-Tip provides you with a versatile marker that can tackle your most ambitious creative projects. Easily control the width of your lines—from thin to thick—with the pressure of your hand. Fade- and water-resistant ink in 12 bright colors emboldens your work.

Super Permanent Marker

The reliable Sharpie Super Permanent Marker provides a super-large ink supply that extends the marker’s life, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ink in the middle of a sign or sentence. The quick-drying, permanent formula ensures that text resists fading and water damage on a variety of surfaces.

Mini Permanent Marker

Bring your work wherever you go with the Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker, which features the same bold, permanent ink and durable tip as Sharpie Original Permanent Markers, but at half the size. The convenient clip makes it easy to attach these markers to backpacks, key chains, golf bags and more for on-the-go marking.

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Neon Permanent Marker

Light up your text with the Sharpie Neon Permanent Marker, which features unique ink that shows up in bright, vibrant detail during the day and turns fluorescent under a black light. The permanent ink writes easily on most surfaces for a creative labeling solution anywhere you go.

CD/DVD Permanent Marker

Organize your growing media collection with the unique Sharpie CD/DVD Permanent Marker, which works well on CDs, DVDs and jewel cases, so you can permanently label your collection with the artist name, title and other identifying information. Water-resistant ink dries quickly to make a lasting impression.

Chisel-Tip Permanent Marker

Whether you want to make bold lines or fine, detailed lettering, the Sharpie Chisel-Tip Permanent Marker offers the versatility you need. Thanks to the anti-roll barrel, you don’t have to worry about the marker falling off your desk when it’s set down.

Flip Chart Marker

Make a statement at the next big presentation with the Sharpie Flip Chart Marker, which features unique, water-based ink that won’t bleed through flip chart paper. The bullet tip minimizes squeaking for a smooth, silent writing experience.

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About this item


  • Intense black ink makes a bold impression
  • Durable fine tip delivers bold, detailed lines
  • Ink dries quickly, resists smearing and fading and is water resistant
  • Works on most hard-to-mark surfaces
  • Includes: 12 Black Sharpie permanent markers

Product Information


Brand Name Sharpie
Item Weight 3.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Item model number 30001
Color Black
Material Type N/A
Number of Items 12
Size 12-Pack
Point Type Fine
Line Size 1 millimeters
Ink Color Black
Tip Type Fine
Manufacturer Part Number 30001
National Stock Number 7520-00-904-1265

Nice set but be careful about what "fine" you need

By Shannyn

No problems with this set. You can never go wrong with Sharpie. They are the superior permanent marker, and we use them for all sorts of projects, especially the stain glass coloring books. Bear in mind that Sharpie "fines" have different tip widths and this is not the finest one. It actually seems chunky for being called a fine, but we used it for coloring bigger areas and backgrounds. We bought a set of ultra fines for detail. If you color, you probably eventually need a set of each of the widths anyway.

Sharpies are GREAT for Zentangle!

By Christine Shuck

I teach Zentangle classes and I am in the process (interrupted by the cold of winter) of putting Zentangle designs over my entire van. Call it a moving advertisement for my classes, a deterrent to car thieves, and the certainty that I will NEVER lose my van in a parking lot. The Sharpie brand markers are a perfect, cost-effective tool. I use the slim Fine point for most of my paper artwork, the ultra-fine for classes with young kids, and these fat ones for my car.

Love them! Here is a picture of my progress…

The best Marker.

By Philth

It seems pointless or even funny to review something as common as a 12 pack of Sharpies. The fact of the matter is it’s worth reviewing. These are high quality permanent markers. Without a doubt Sharpie is the trusted name in permanent writing utensils. During my entire life I have been calling black permanent markers as Sharpies, a testament to its popularity. The reason Sharpie is so good is that it is completely safe, and highly permanent and very reliable. For anyone worried about ingestion, or eye contact, or even any other safety situation with a Sharpie, should rest assured. Under all normal circumstances Sharpie is very safe, in fact if you want more information it can be easily accessed from their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) readily available on their website. Although I myself have been using Sharpies to identify my own clothes, Sanford (the company that produces Sharpies) highly recommends not using it on clothes as it can run or bleed in the wash, and also after time it may leave a yellow halo around the marking. Although Sharpie claims that it will “remain permanent under most chemical washes, and extreme heat and steam (up to 500 degrees F)” it is possible to remove it form clothes. They claim that stain remover can work, but to use extreme caution. A detailed summery of how to clean a stained garment can be found on their website FAQ. Sharpie is the highest quality permanent marker I have ever used, it is used frequently in my workplace, and is always reliable. I suggest it to everyone; it is also made in the U.S.A., which presents a trusted quality. A very good permanent marker, 5 out of 5.

Yes! Finally made the sharpies in great colors!

By T. Reinhardt

These are the pens my son prefers to draw with. There are many available art markers out there but for solid clear color that is permenant and easy to use my son really enjoys the sharpies. For that matter, so do I.
I find the cost very reasonable and I have found that they last longer than the traditional art markers. You do need to be careful as they are permenant and they will not *blend* like general artist markers but if you are using them to outline or fill in large amounts of space with the same color, these are tops in the price range.
I generally use these with a more solid paper to prevent bleed-through to the other side or general bleeding of colors. Not a paper as thick as watercolor paper but a decent drawing paper. These arent the kind of markers I would sketch on newsprint for example.
the new colors they came up with are clear, sharp and eye catching and the nibs are solid. These are a very good pen in the catagory

Great Set for Art Journalers!

By O. Merce Brown

This is a great set of Sharpies for artists, because there are so many different colors. You can see from the picture that quite a few of the colors are really light and wouldn’t be good for use as markers for signs or other types of usage; however, they are great for any kind of art work. I found that even though the colors are light, the markers are strong and mark very well in the lighter shade.

These Sharpies will write over many different kinds of paint and ink without any problem. When you apply watercolor or a mixture of ink and water over them they don’t run at all. I use them for my art journal, and will use this set until it wears out and then buy another. They are economical and I can’t find a better deal on them anywhere.

Highly recommended.

Great for clothes

By Amazon Customer

I use this marker on my socks. I write an "S" on the bottom of each sock to make sure that no one else attempts to claim them. Wash after wash, the letter is still there.
I also use it to write in my school books. I’m in college and books are very expensive. I write my name in all of my books, as well as on my notebooks and disks.
I have accidentally gotten this on my hand more than once. I just wash my hands with soap and water. It may take 2 or 3 hand washings to get it off.
These markers are also great for posters because the line is thick enough for poster board.

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