Honest MFLABEL Half Sheet Self Adhesive Shipping Labels for Laser And Inkjet Printers Review

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1. Straight corner:
sheet size– 8.5" x 11", label size– 8.5" x 5.5".

2. The 2-UP half sheet shipping labels are 100% compatible with Laser/ Inkjet printers.

3. The half sheet thermal transfer mailing labels are
very adhesive on boxes and envelopes.

4. MFLABEL Company is factory direct sell. Our labels are all with
competitive price and premium quality.

5. We can accept
custom all kinds of barcode shipping mailing labels.

6. If you have problem on the printer setup or label use, please contact us via Amazon message. We will give you a suggestion.

About this item


  • 12pcs 2″x3″ fragile stickers for free
  • Compatible with laser/ Inkjet printer
  • Strong adhesive to corrugated boxes and envelopes
  • With premium raw material
  • Minimum application temperature: 50?; Service temperature range: 59?~+149?

Product Information

200 Labels

Brand Name MFLABEL
Item Weight 2.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 11 x 1 x 9 inches
Item model number 8.5″x5.5″-200
Color White
Number of Items 1
Size 200 Labels
Manufacturer Part Number 8.5″x5.5″-200

Great product! Make me so much more PRODUCTIVE!

By Chelsea K.

I run a small online business where I sell small merchandise. I was constantly printing pre paid shipping labels and I was having to cut each one out (or risk looking funny if you fold it). This was getting to be way too much as I spent way too much time cutting labels. I noticed that my amazon packages have sticker labels so I figured this was probably an option. I found these and read the reviews before purchasing.

One review stated that these used to be really good quality but, weren’t anymore. I wasn’t so sure about that and it made me a little apprehensive to buy. I’m glad I went ahead and did it. I don’t know what these could have been before but I think they are great. My packaging labels print on them fantastically without any issues. You just pull off the sticker and slap it on your package and you are done. This has saved me so much time and I am so thankful.

I believe these are great quality labels. They aren’t cardstock of anything but a little thicker than a normal piece of paper. I have had a few rip when pulling it off the back paper but this was my own fault. If you start at the corner and rip quickly you will tear it but if you go slow to a medium pace you will have no issue.

These are great and once I start running low I will be back for more!!

Use common sense


I used all 200 labels, had no problem with them, they are not very thick so it wont cover up any label it is almost see through, but i rarely needed anything blocked out.
To fix it all i did was use the other blank label as a base then fit my printed stamp on top (still cheaper then the avery trublock).

As for printing I had no problems the ink was readable and great i think it depends on your printer, i have an epson with quick dry no smear ink. I havent had to reprint or have usps return a package because it is unreadable

I ship everyday about 100 packages a week and have had no problems this is my goto i just ordered 500 more
I recommend this product if your looking to cut cost.
If your a heavy shipper then you should upgrade your printer and you will be fine if you ship less than 10 packages a week then get the avery trueblock and keep your cheap printer you will do fine. Just use common sense

Great buy. Saves me a lot of time and effort. No more taping printed paper to my packages.

By Brian

I use these with my laser printer. I haven’t had any problems with the print quality or jamming. They are great for my budding ebay business–click and ship, print, and stick it to the package. The print doesn’t seem to rub off at all. The adhesive is very strong as long as you give it a decent rub when you’re putting the label on. These come in a no frills cardboard box that fits very well on the bookshelf with some of my binders.

Quality labels. A FULL half sheet size, durable, strong paper, and strong adhesive. Matte finish. EDITED 4-30-16

By D Morrow

I am changing my rating back to 5 stars. I believe that the difference in the product feeling of my last order and my first order is due to the ambient temperature. First order was in November. Last order was in June. I think the labels "felt thinner" because they were shipped and stored in summer heat. That would have an effect on the flexibility of the product.

I am reordering today, and I will attempt to repay the seller for his refund to me. I used the labels, they worked fine, and that’s all one can hope for. I hate to think that my mistaken (?) perception, which was hopefully caused by summer temperatures, caused this seller to lose sales if the product really did not change.

I just want to mention that I tried a different vendor because of his great price- well, I found out why his price was so low, when I began using his product. His shipping labels were lighter-weight paper. That means the labels were harder to work with. I came back to this product, and now this is the only shipping label I will buy. The thicker paper makes all the difference. Better adhesion, minimal-to-no curling when I remove this label from it’s backing. As I am fond of saying in my reviews, "Buy THIS one." 🙂

These labels are not glossy, and do not have any of the rounded corners that some people feel might make removing them from their backing easier. Those are the only issues I had with them. And actually, removing the label from it’s backing isn’t really that difficult if, after printing, you just fold the entire page in half, back side together. That causes the sticky edge to be exposed.

The thickness makes them great if you reuse your boxes, and have to cover old UPS labels, or barcodes. After I printed my first labels for my first (Yay Me!) Amazon FBA shipment, I noticed that my printer settings had left me with extra blank areas on the label. I just used that extra for covering barcodes. I had been using address labels for that. I enjoyed the convenience, but hated the waste. Now, that’s not an issue, because I have these labels.

They cost $6.18 vs the $21.00 for Avery 5126. They print like a dream in my laserjet printer, too. So I could buy 600 of these labels, and STILL not spend as much as 200 Avery 5126 labels would cost. That decision makes itself for me. How nice! 🙂 🙂

What they DO HAVE is: A FULL half sheet size, durable, strong paper, and strong adhesive. No wasted margins. The flat matte finish also makes them absolutely perfect for projects for children! They receive crayon, marker, ball point pen ink, and paints very well. I tried that before I wrote this review. Imagine a child’s excitement at making his own stick-on decorations for presents and possessions. Suddenly, it’s not just a sticker- it’s artwork! 🙂 I can also see these being used for making masks to actually wear! I know that’s not their intended use, but just picture the fun!

Also great for file folder tab labels, and anything else you can think of that would benefit from being labeled.

Great for eBay and PayPal shipping, great price.

By Daniel Biltmore

Product arrived quickly and I paid a fraction of the cost of what I would have anywhere else. I’ve been using these to print eBay shipping labels and they’ve been perfect from the get-go. Saves me time and money on shipping supplies as I’m using far less tape to attach shipping labels. I can’t speak for how alternatives perform as this is my first time using labels for shipments, but I have zero complaints so far and am extremely happy with my purchase. Glad I didn’t spend more on a similar product.

Tip: It took me a while to find where the settings are, but you can print eBay shipping labels without the instructions/info so that you don’t have to waste a full sheet for one label. The setting is in the menu BEFORE the print shipping label, oddly enough.

Great Labels for Less Money

By Sherry

Recently purchased these for my new LuLaRoe business to ship item and love them! Print 2 labels at a time making shipping faster and no waste. Saves me money and have had no issues with the labels adhering and all packages arriving with label fully intact!

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