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The A100 Mouse Pad from Spigen is made with soft and smooth material with an anti-slip premium woven neoprene rubber bottom for security and durability. Its slim and large sized pad allows quick and easy motion while the sleek and simple design offers a contemporary look.

About this item


  • Premium soft material for comfort and control
  • Non-slippery rubber undersurface for firm grip
  • 12.6″ x 10.6″ x 0.1″
  • Ideal size for Gaming as well as daily use
  • Stitched edges for maximum durability

Product Information

Mouse pad

Brand Name Spigen
Item Weight 3 ounces
Product Dimensions 12.6 x 0.1 x 10.6 inches
Item model number SGP11884
Color Mouse pad
Manufacturer Part Number SGP11884

Best gaming mouse ever purchased, hands down!!!

By TechDepot

I am completely in love with this gaming mouse pad, and never thought I would say that about a mouse pad! This is a large mouse pad and not your typical 8×9 design. You have more than enough room to move around and do not have to worry about your mouse falling off the edge. I recently purchased a new laser mouse and needed a dark mousepad so it can detect the laser. White mousepads tend to get dirty very quick and can cause issues with laser mouses. Spigen’s gaming mouse pad has a rubber back that keeps it from slipping on your desktop.

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AWESOME quality mouse pad!!!

By Amazon Customer

I needed larger size mouse pad so I originally ordered this one just for the size. I didn’t expect too much on the quality because it looked very plain black mouse pad. But when I opened the package I was very impressed with overall material quality and also how well made it was.
I noticed that it’s much thinner than the regular ones. the mouse pad is very flexible and soft. Most of the regular mouse pads are very thick and bulky, after awhile it just try to stand on its own cause by the tension from the bulkiness. I started to use the mouse pad right away I could just feel the difference. My mouse icon was moving beautifully. I love it so much.
I am impressed by the material of the mouse pad.
-The top part fabric feels very smooth and looks a bit shiny like satin, when regular mouse pad is just neoprene like, with thin fabric glued on top of it.
-The bottom rubber is also in great quality. It just grabs mu desk surface firmly and it doesn’t glide at all.
The edges are stitched together so the bottom and Top fabric won’t come apart from each other.

It’s just plain mouse pad but I could really feel that the maker or designer really know how it should work and very thought out made.

I previously ordered another Spigen product, and it was also very high quality product. I loved that one, I left really good review for that one as well. I didn’t know this mouse pad was same brand when at that time. After I found out I was so impressed.
I am just so surprise that the material quality and craftsmanship is awesome and yet, the price is so affordable. I don’t know how they do it when there are a lot of pricey junks out there. I feel like I can trust this brand and I do hope that they can keep this up for a long time. I will continue to buy products from this brand.

*Worth so much more than the money!!! You won’t regret it. I highly recommend.!!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The discount does not influence my review or thoughts about this product as I depend on many other customer’s reviews to help me make sound and fair purchases on Amazon regularly. I take each and every review I write seriously and I hope that if my review is helpful.

Heavy, doesn’t slip, quality/luxury feel, extremely accurate mouse movements.

By Allan A. Delmare

The mat is heavier than expected and I love it for that reason alone – it’s nice to have a pad that doesn’t slip around on the desk. Beyond that, it has a luxury feel to it. Most important though, I noticed an IMMEDIATE and noticeable impact on mouse movement performance – my cursor previously juttered around on the screen, and after switching to this my mouse moves in nice crisp motions across my 34" WQHD (2k) display. The last mouse pad I bought was a "hard" pad, and I’m considering buying another one of these to replace it with.

Better for casual use, than for gaming precision

By Koby

After receiving it in the mail, I took a test drive with it. The material feels nice and smooth, but I felt the soft finish create more friction for my mouse. I play online fps games and I need a steady hand to snipe people down. My other mouse pad from the steelseries provides less cushioning for my hand and wrist but more precision and smoothness for my mouse. And actually, if you really want to save yourself from getting carpal tunnel, you should get an actual wrist rest for yourself. I don’t know any brands from the top of my head, but as long as you can raise your wrist to level with your hand, I think it should suffice. I knocked off one star because spigen’s version does not meet the same needs as my steelseries mouse pad that I use for gaming. I was going to use this for my laptop, and I probably will, but I do not recommend it for gaming. For casual use, I would rate it 4.5/5.

The "soft cushion" is marginal for "a soft and smooth finish to provide comfort for the hand and wrist" (as stated from Product Features). There is barely any cushion to really call it one… It’s definitely smooth and soft, but there is little to no cushion to use it to describe the product. I’m being critical here, but labeling creates anticipation for the buyer when they open the container it comes in. And, I am not satisfied to call this a cushion… yet. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t matter and for casual use, it should satisfy any layman.

Awesome Value For The Price

By Steven and Danielle

I ordered this black mouse pad to replace my old and ugly "sudoku" mouse pad that I have been using for the last seven years or so. I don’t know where I got it, or why I kept using it since I’m not even a fan of Sudoku. Anyways, the mouse pad itself isn’t particularly thick which may lead to your wrists not feeling as comfortable as they would on a mouse pad with more… padding. This is a large mouse pad which is great for gaming, I usually use pads about 2/3rds of this size and have relied on wrist flicks as opposed to using my whole arm (apparently moving your arm is better for first person shooters, so I’ll be testing that out). My mouse works properly on it, there is ample space to move around, and the pad doesn’t shift while I’m playing a game so it gets a 10/10 in function.
Overall this is a solid mouse pad for anybody who wants a large mouse pad with decent grip, and the padding can be easily overlooked at this price.

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The item arrived well packaged.
The customer service & after sales care were consistent and good.
I had no problems from ordering to receiving my item.
Shipping was super FAST, as always with Amazon Prime.

A Professional Looking Mouse Pad That’s Not Just for Gamers

By Leadership Lady

While I am not a gamer, I purchased this mouse pad to use at work because I have a very large TV monitor and needed a larger mouse pad. I also use two monitors, so having a larger mouse pad is essential. This is a great solution because it is just enough bigger than the normal size mouse pads, and yet it is not too big for my desk.

I like the fabric that it is made out of as well because my mouse glides easily around the mouse pad. It’s a special type of material that looks like it will hold up longer than my other mouse pads.

From an aesthetic perspective, the black color helps the mouse pad to blend in with my office decor and looks quite professional. I don’t like the cutesy look of most mouse pads because my office furniture is dark wood and has a high end professional decor. This mouse pad does not have as much cushioning so it does not stand out as much on my desk, which I prefer. It’s a great fit for my professional office even though it is intended to be a gaming mouse pad.

This mouse pad replaces one I bought in January from Kennedy Space Center. Yes, I know, it was a bit cutesy, but at least it represented something I believe in. However, it simply did not fit with my office decor. I paid much more for that mouse pad as well, so the price of this gaming mouse pad is an excellent value. This gaming mouse pad is a higher quality product as well.

In full disclosure I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. For years I have relied on product reviews written by other people and this is my opportunity to contribute back by providing my honest experience with this product. I only review products that I would have otherwise purchased and I rate the products based on what they deserve.

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